Jay Siegan
Artist Curator.

(NYC / Santa Barbara) 

Hi. I'm Jay. I have a deep passion for events, music, culture & the living arts. Here are some of my projects.

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Talent Booking

I founded Jay Siegan Presents, a growing creative agency that does highly curated talent booking globally for select private clients & brands. We've worked with a diverse set of artists including artists The Killers, Andrea Bocelli, Imagine Dragons, Celine Dion, Coldplay, and, of course, Wu-Tang Clan + thousands more.

TV Production

We are in production for 7 wonderfully funny comedy specials, as well as an intriguing TV series called Underground Magic, all to be shopped in Q2 of 2024. Read more about Genius + Poison & Super Nice Guys below. IMDb link here.

TED Curator

It was a true thrill and education for me to be a curator for the TED Conference, where I was exposed to a huge world of ideas and speakers and it was a joyous experience. This inspired many of our endeavors in keynote speakings and other spirited endeavors.

Venue Owner

The Red Devil Lounge was a small but kick-ass and iconic music venue in SF's Russian Hill district that featured truly eclectic programming in all genres and left a positive legacy in San Francisco. Good times. Very little sleep. Happy memories.
Genius +
Genius + Poison is a newly formed endeavor in magic and mentalism: producing digital media, securing distribution and content deals, and providing industry support for the most compelling artists in this field internationally. We have completed an 8-episode series called 'Underground Magic', to be shopped to networks in early 2024. Genius + Poison will emerge with an expanded team and announcements soon.
Jay Siegan Presents
JSP is a creative agency that does highly curated talent booking for top companies, brands, and select private individuals globally. Bookings include world-class names like Coldplay, Andrea Bocelli, Imagine Dragons, Wu-Tang Clan, Celine Dion, The Killers, and thousands more. JSP also provides booking in comedy and speaking to our clients. JSP is an 8-figure business, experiencing growth in various verticals with a growing team who partner with our Fortune-500 clients worldwide.
Super Nice Guys
Super Nice Guys is a production company formed by my partner and I to produce high-impact, joyful, and fucking hilarious content in the comedy space. We have 7 specials produced, and are going into production for more soon. Distribution and licensing deals have started. These specials are just goddamn hilarious, and we can't wait to share these with the world.

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