The wedding band.

We mastered the art of the cool wedding band. Stylish and irreverent groups of killer musicians who take your wedding to the next level with passion, integrity and entusiasm. And we've won a bunch of awards for it, so hey, thanks for that... 

What we can provide for weddings: 


The phenomenal band.                       

We are proud of our exclusive roster of bands, who are considered the best groups available for social events like weddings. We work closely with musicians who have a passion to deliver an incredible show for every event they perform. This ain't your typical wedding band. 

TCB_Sapphire Soiree_Jerry Wang_ProEvent Photography 8.jpg

Lighting / Staging

From intimate settings to larger affairs, we can put together the ideal lighting + staging scenario to create stunning memories. 


The first dance.

The magic moment is executed with grace and style, as we curate a perfectly selected song for you. From wedding classics like 'At Last' something quirky, new or contemporary -- we work closely to make this moment unforgettable.