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My name is Jay Siegan.  I've been lucky enough to be work in live music my entire adult life. Born and raised in San Francisco, my connection to music started very young; After a brief stint of piano lessons, I was swept up by the sexy and innovative music technology that was emerging in the 80s: synthesizers, sampling and keyboards. I was hooked. 

I  spent a good portion of my teenage life at record stores; skipping school to dig deep into the crates (sorry, Mom and Dad), developing a deep and diverse knowledge about music that was throughly enriching for me. My passion and connection for music that moved me grew. I eventually worked in a few of my favorite record stores,and I've been a lifer ever since. 

In my early 20s,  I played in bands, did a decent amount of international touring, and found myself intrigued beyond just the stage; I wanted to learn more about the marketing, promotion and booking aspects of running a band. I internally ran a band I was in, and I eventually found my permanent place in the industry as an artist manager and all around music lover. 

After my initial successes in artist management and concert promotion, I opened  The Red Devil Lounge, a SF live music venue where we developed a substantial legacy that I'm very proud of. The Red Devil was a small but iconic San Francisco institution which hosted mini-residencies with 'big name' artists, booked thousands of local artists, and developed a broad range of fundraising events across the spectrum of our beloved community, expanding my interest in philanthropic events. I also became the music curator for the extraordinary TED Conference, which brought some mind blowing performances to light for many people. To work with artists to develop short but powerful TED performances (or 'TED Talks') was enriching and gratifying. 

With my daughter school aged, it was time to let go of the late nights owning a live music venue, so I sold the Red Devil and now focus exclusively on Jay Siegan Presents, a boutique artist agency where we curate live music for all kinds of events from concerts to to fundraisers / galas and weddings and corporate events. I'm passionate about each one of our events, and my connection to both my artists and clients runs deep. JSP is nearly a 20 year project, that only gets broader in our scope of events each year. With events in Fiji, Rome, UK, Germany, Japan and beyond, we’ve had an exciting year, growing into a position of artist curation for clients, working names like Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Jeff Bridges, and, naturally, Wu-Tang Clan. I'm extraordinary appreciate of my wonderful core team and small but amazing roster of artists who we've represented with fervor for years. 

Onward and upward,


A  brief video from my time at TED Conference, including interviews with the core team who produced TEDxSF. 



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